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Sweet Sleep: Children of Ankh Series
Book 1

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Paranormal Romance Promoted by Online Book Publicity

Kim Cormack
Sweet Sleep
The Children of Ankh Series Book 1
They must choose one of the three clans residing on earth. Their souls must be branded with a mark that prohibits their entrance into the hall of souls each time they die. They may be stolen by the other clans or the Legion of Abaddon until the age of eighteen when they will become bound to their clan forever.

Book tags: fiction, novel, adventure, immortals, dark fantasy, horror, dragons, romantic, romance New Adult & College magical realism, Kim Cormack, Sweet Sleep: Children of Ankh Series publicity marketing promotion advertising
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Book tags: best fiction novel books adventure immortals dark epic fantasy horror dragons romantic romance paranormal supernatural New Adult & College magical realism Kim Cormack Sweet Sleep: Children of Ankh Series publicity marketing promotion advertising