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If you clicked Submit and nothing happened, you probably missing some information. Please scroll up to the top of the page to see what's missing.
If you clicked Submit and all you see now is a grey page, please scroll up to the top of the page to see a note from our publicist.
- All submissions are subject to approval.

We accept only a small number of the thousands of submissions we receive. These days, anyone can write and publish a book, but not everyone can create a high quality and marketable title. We are looking for the best.
- You may submit any book format.
- You may submit published titles from anywhere in the world.
- You may submit unpublished titles from anywhere in the world as long as the publishing date is scheduled to be within 6 months. However, these books will be evaluated using a stricter criteria and accepted on a discretionary basis.
- You may submit any genre.

Book Publicity Campaign fees are paid on an annual or biennial basis, depending on the selected campaign. Fees can be paid via PayPal or by a mailed check.
For any other questions not covered in this section, please visit our FAQ page.

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