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Book Publicity Submission Guidelines

- All submissions are subject to approval.

We accept only a small number of the thousands of submissions we receive. We are looking for the best. These days, anyone can write and publish a book, but not everyone can create a high quality and marketable title.
- You may submit any book format.
- You may submit published titles from anywhere in the world.
- You may submit unpublished titles from anywhere in the world as long as the publishing date is scheduled to be within 6 months. However, these books will be evaluated using a stricter criteria and accepted on a discretionary basis.
- You may submit any genre.

Book Publicity Campaign fees are paid on an annual or biennial basis, depending on the selected campaign. Fees can be paid via PayPal or by a mailed check.
For any other questions not covered in this section, please visit our FAQ page:

What to expect. Process of submission and acceptance, if applicable.

Establishing secure email connection

Once you have submitted the details of your title, a member of our team will contact you to establish email connection within two working days. During this process you will simply be asked to reply to our verification email.

- If we received your verification email, we will proceed to STEP 2 within two working days.
- If we did not receive a reply, we will try to reach out to you through other means, example Facebook. If we are not able to establish communication, naturally your submission request will be deleted.
Introduction email

After verification, we will email you a short introduction to our company.
This email will focus on our services and will not cover the marketing strategy of your title, just yet.
We will also invite you to visit our performance report specific to the genre for your title. In order to advance the process of your book's submission, you will need to respond and indicate your interest in discussing the possibilities of paid representation. No payment is required at this point.

- If you respond positively, we will move to STEP 3.
- If we do not receive a reply within a few days, naturally your submission request will be deleted.
Research into your book and its marketability potentials by our publicity team

Based on your email response, our publicity team will do further research into your title to establish its marketability level and potential marketing angles. We will look at reviews, consider sales figures and even read available chapters of the title in question.
Unpublished titles will be evaluated based on different criteria. The decision regarding acceptance of your title will be made by our team within two working days. No payment is required at this point.
If your title has been accepted

Our Publicity Manager, Hajni Blasko, will contact you by email advising you of our decision.
She will continue the discussion about your title and assisting you to select the best suited campaign for your specific promotional needs.

Once a campaign is selected and you approve the marketing ideas suggested an invoice will be created based on your preferred payment method.

Your campaign will launch in three working days after we received payment.
                 STEP 4 
If your title has NOT been accepted

You will be contacted by email advising you of our decision.
The reasons will be clearly stated within our email. You will be encouraged to resubmit your application once you have completed the recommended improvements.

If you haven't yet, introduce our team to your title here: Submit your book and let's start a conversation about its promotion.

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